Saturday, March 4, 2017

Astray Gray Frame (1/100 MG Astray Red Frame)

Finally it is here, my completed Astray Gray Frame, it took longer than expected, but that seems to happen allot with my latest builds, and although I like the final look, some things here and there let me
with a sour taste.

The model itself is the standard and very well documented astray red frame with some modifications like the beam sabers in the forearms, and the daggers on the back along with new panel lines, 
details and paint scheme.

this build took me almost a year to complete, I was working on it before the AT-ST and it was on my backlog for a year before that, but problems with tiny plastic parts breaking over and over plagued this project and that took a long time to fix, even when it was complete and when i shot this gallery, the hip joints on the legs broke, so I had to fix it, shoot another round, then the other connector broke, fix it and shoot, that´s another reason why I didn´t risk posing this guy in a more aggressive pose.

But, don't get me wrong, the kit broke mostly from my mistakes, for starters, i was lazy and chose to use spray paint for the frame instead of airbrushing it, that weakened the plastic allot, and in all the pieces where there was some pressure from policaps or another pece the plastic became brittle and broke, so, I will never use spray cans again, the rest of the kit was airbrushed or hand painted.

After the 10th broken part, it was hard to enjoy the build, ot became a very frustrating project, but I liked the end result.

and dont get me wrong the kit provided by bandai is awesome, it has great articulation, good detail, and the proportions are great, the only thing i can complain is as alweeays the dry transfers and the stikers, but, to be honest i always planed to use another markings for this kit, I wanted to look more aggressive, less flamboyant, that´s why i changed the colors, I wanted to make it look more like a military machine instead of a piƱata with swords.

a Pet project of mine that quickly became one of the most frustrating ones thanks to my laziness and mistakes, if you like the red frame design go and get it, its an awesome build, just don´t use spray cans to paint it, this kit uses allot of little and fragile pieces to achieve the articulation, so anything that weakens the plastic should be avoided.

Friday, February 3, 2017

done, gallery comiong soon

I just finished this, the gallery will be shot tomorrow and on the next days I'll upload the photos to this blog.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Not dead... yet

I know, I know, too long without a post, but work and other personal stuff have been getting in the way of my hobby, stupid work... 
snyway this is to let you know that This blog is not dead or forgotten, and to show you on what I've been working for the last 3 months, I hope this will be ready soon, bare with me PLEASE!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

An old and overused 1/48 AT-ST

Here it is, the Bandai 1/48 AT-ST

The kit is a very simple one, it comes all in gray, with the exception of chewy and the stand both molded  brown, right out of the box is designed to be posed in a boring standing position, making the articulation very poor but, by trimming a few pieces you can have a better articulation, this is something even a beginner modeler can do without damaging the kit, so there is no biggie there.

The detail is good, nothing too complex, so I guess it is a good offering of an AT-ST one that screams to be modified to look awesome.

I didn´t did what I really wanted with this kit, I don't have the skills or the tools to create and modify the pieces I wanted, so decided to go for a veteran World War II tank-like look.
( I wanted to add some Ewok Roadkill to the base among other things)

So I modified the joints to allow wider articulation, after that, I painted the interiors and pilots, then I added light to the interior, painted some parts on german gray, others in metallic gray and some others in gun metal.

I printed my own waterslides decals (I'll post the file for the waterslides as soon as I figure out how) then I added some rivets (allot) I did some battle damage, flat coated, panel lines and dirt, rust, mud and burnt marks, another flat coat and voila...

I forgot to take more pictures of the interiors, I'll update the gallery as soon as possible

Overall I liked this kit, right out of the box is a simple boring gray kit with good detail, but If you are willing to work on it, it has allot of potential, you can paint it in some camo pattern, or modify it, add details, lights and weapons, the sky is the limit.